Visakhapatnam’s Food Story: A-Z dishes that will win you over, Part 4

Namaste Visakhapatnam foodies. The fourth installment of the blockbuster serial is here. And oh yes, your Sunday is on us. Worry no more about the choices for today as we present you some of the most mouth-watering dishes the city of Visakhapatnam has to offer. Here are the food dishes from P-T ranging from the local Pappu annam to the Mexican Quesadilla.

Pappu Avakai

This is the favourite homemade, comfort food of the Andhra household. Piping hot rice is served along with Mudda Pappu. The dish is topped with a generous amount of ghee and is accompanied with the fiery avakai.
Where: Bake my Wish, Lawsonsbay Colony


Love Mexican? Then try this. The best form of tortilla filled with a variety of Mexican ingredients comes topped with cheese and is then grilled until it melts, lending a golden tinge and a mouthwatering taste.
Where: FSM, Siripuram

Rava Dosa

When in South, have ‘tiffin’ like the South Indians do. Nothing comes close to these crisp dosas served with a delicious variety of chutneys and sambar. You can also relish it along with Karam podi and ghee. And don’t just think breakfast, for this comes recommended any time of the day.
Where: Venkatadri Vantillu, Waltair Main Road

Salted Caramel Cake

Salty caramel served on a delicious and gooey chocolate cake will satisfy all your sweet cravings. Skillfully made by proficient bakers, this cake is also a treat for the eyes.
Where: Pastry, Coffee and Conversation, Dutt Island

Tandoori Pomfret

Being a coastal city, Vizag boasts of many tasty seafood dishes. One such fish delight is the Tandoori Pomfret. The juicy and scrumptious grilled fish will surely appeal to the gourmet in you.
Where: Palm Beach, Beach Road

With twenty of the twenty-six alphabets done, there’s one final epic installment in store for tomorrow. So fasten your seatbelts and get set for one final yummy journey. Until then, Happy Eating!! 🙂

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