Vizag in Need of Summer Emergency Vans To Beat Sun Strokes

Sun Stroke
Sun Stroke Summer Emergency Vehicles

With the rise in mercury, summer has arrived and has started showing its adverse effects on Vizag. Sun stroke, fever and diarrhea have claimed many lives around the state in the past years.

According to the official records, around 2,000 citizens die every year in Andhra Pradesh due to heat waves and sun stroke. To minimize the number of deaths and fight the heat, doctors reportedly say Vizag should get ‘summer emergency mobile vans’ at all major junctions equipped with basic medication and first aid.

These vans will help to save thousands of lives by giving first hand service to Vizagities. Elaborating the idea Physician Dr Kutikuppala Surya Rao said that 12-15 vans around the city equipped with IV fluids, oxygen cylinders, cool water, first aid and trained medical attendants can save many victims by providing immediate treatment. Government can work on this idea and provide toll-free numbers so that these vehicles can reach the victim to the earliest. It was also suggested by him that working hours can be scheduled before 10.30  AM and after 4.30 PM for labourers and outdoor workers to avoid the hottest sun between 11 AM and 4 PM.

Apart from government taking steps, we should also take certain precautions to avoid sunstroke and seasonal diseases. We bring to you certain summer tips which could help you beat the heat.  Always carry glucose or ORS solution whenever you go out.  Also keep yourself hydrated by drinking water, fruit juice, and buttermilk. Wear appropriate clothing and protect yourself from direct sun with proper shades and scarf. Carry umbrellas whenever you go outdoors.

Spreading greenery is the best solution for long term protection from sun. Whether it is a working place or housing society, there should be a proper plantation area everywhere. Trees provide the most coverage from UV rays during the middle of the day.

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