Restaurant Review: Tasting the thali at Subbayya Gari Hotel in Vizag

Thali at Subbayya Gari Hotel in Vizag
Thali at Subbayya Gari Hotel

It was a delicious afternoon for Seema and her team, at the newly opened Subbayya Gari Hotel in Vizag.

Spread over three floors, Subbayya Gari Hotel started catering to Vizag denizens since the 9th of December. A restaurant that originated in Kakinada in 1950, the place is indeed a treat for South Indian food lovers. Whether it is the variety of food, quality, taste, authenticity, ambience or the hospitality by the hotel staff, this place does rank on the top.

The South Indian Vegetarian thali at Subbayya Gari Hotel is seemingly endless and delicious too. The thali comes loaded with vegetable curries, pachadis (pickles), dal, sambar, rasam, majjiga pulusu, papads, podis and sweet dishes. Amongst the rice dishes, I’d recommend that you add an extra serving of tamarind rice (Pulihora), as it is one of their best offerings. Besides the food, the order of serving is unique too. First comes the sweet dish, which for us included coconut burfi, boondi, boori, kesar halwa and gulab jamun. This was followed by the curries and lentils, and included tomato pappu, gutti vankaya, mushroom curry, paneer curry and bhindi fry. The flavoured rice options of veg biryani, pulihora and raita were then added. The remaining space on the plate is taken up by the steaming hot rice with podis, gongura pachadi, ghee and papads. With sambar, rasam, majjiga pulusu and curd, the meal is topped off with perugu vada, buttermilk and paan.

With the best kind of traditional and authentic South Indian food, Subbayya Gari Hotel is worth a visit, and must be indulged in once in a while. With great ambience and a scrumptious meal that comes at a great value, I surely plan to be back.

Subbayya Butta Bhojanam

Note: Special attraction for those who get their food parcelled is the ‘Subbayya Gari Butta’, an eco-friendly palmyrah-leaf basket of food. This can suffice for three people on an average and costs Rs. 315.

Where: 5th Lane, Dwaraka Nagar, Vizag

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