7 amazing places in Srikakulam that each traveller needs to explore

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Exploring Srikakulam

Explore Srikakulam: An explorer’s paradise for a weekend away from the urban lifestyle of Vizag.

If you are seeking peace, exploration, and rejuvenation, then Srikakulam is a classical tourist destination that amalgamates more than just pilgrimage and history. The northern-most district of AP is just a couple of hours away and brings you plenty to see and do. A cultural conundrum that is a beauty to behold, Yo! Vizag brings you the route and the wonders that beckon you not-so-far-away at this coastal district.

#1 Arasavalli

Distance from Visakhapatnam: 118 Kms

The fabled Sri Suryanarayana Swamy Temple or the sun temple of Andhra Pradesh is right here. This marvel was built by the Kalinga rulers of Odisha. It is known to be the only sun temple in India where prayers and rituals have continued uninterrupted since its inception centuries ago. The most distinctive feature of the temple architecture is that on Ratha Sapthami the sun rays directly fall on the deity. Many devotees and travellers line up to witness this divine sight.

#2 Srikurmam

Distance from Visakhapatnam: 121 km

One of the oldest historic sites around us, Srikurmam dates back to the 2nd century A.D. The presiding deity of the Yoga Narsimha Swamy Temple is the fossil of an actual tortoise. Architecture enthusiasts will be thrilled by the mandapam here which has over 200 pillars. Each is a masterpiece of art that will overwhelm you with beauty.

#3 Kalingapatnam Beach

Distance from Visakhapatnam: 146 km

This quaint historical place was discovered by the western merchants and used for trade in perfumes, clothes and other goods exported from Malaysia and Singapore until 1958. Restricted as a port under the British rule, this place is a testimony to much of our history. A testament is a lighthouse built long ago by the British. Other attractions here include the Kalingapatnam Beach, a Buddhist stupa- Salihundam, and a shrine dedicated to Madeena Baba. Nawab Anwaruddin constructed this holy place in 1118. A dense coco plantation found here is worth exploring.

#4 Telineelapuram

Distance from Visakhapatnam: 158 Km

One of the most interesting and popular spots on the east coast, Telineelapuram is famous for its Bird Sanctuary. Located in Ichchapuram, a mandal headquarter of Srikakulam, Telineelapuram attracts migratory birds from as far away as Siberia. During winters, tourists come to watch rare birds like Pelicans, Painted Storks etc. and the time up till winter is good for some avid birding. The birds breed and lay eggs here and watching them make the sanctuary their home is a beautiful sight.

#5 Baruva

Distance from Visakhapatnam: 224 Kms

A seaport for British in yesteryears, Baruva is a beautiful hamlet of lush green paddy fields and thick plantations of coconut trees. The coconut nursery and the coir industry here are a must see. The Sri Kotilingeswara Swamy temple here is a scene of natural beauty that inspires spirituality and contentment. Lord Krishna devotees flock to the Janardhana Swamy temple, another popular attraction here. Offering good accommodation, one can opt to stay at the APTDC Resorts by the sea.

#6 Ponduru

Distance from Visakhapatnam: 116 Km

Ponduru is famous among Khadi lovers of the entire country. Mahatma Gandhi is said to have been surprised at the finesse of the Khadi produced here and always preferred it. The production of fine Ponduru Khadi is no less than an art involving a long sequence of meticulous processes, all performed by hand, to fashion cotton into cloth. Not just that, today many designers are also using this as a material of choice for both Indian and western wear. Coming to Srikakulam gives you a chance to sample this masterpiece and buy it from the weavers directly.

#7 Budhiti

Distance from Visakhapatnam: 255 Km

A handicraft town in Srikakulam, Budhiti is famous for brass and bell-metal handicrafts. This alloy craftsmanship bears a signature style and is highly prized by art collectors. Budhiti is registered as a geographical indication handicraft from Andhra Pradesh. A visit to this area warrants an addition to your curio collection. Interact with the craftsmen and pick up a masterpiece for yourself.

Getting There: Getting to Srikakulam is comfortable and easy. At approximately 110 kilometers from Vizag, you can get there by road or rail. Cabs are aplenty, and the drive by road will just take an hour and 50 minutes driving at leisure. Buses also ply on the route and taking one is quite easy.

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