Speed Governors a Must in Vehicles in Visakhapatnam

Speed Governors Transport Vehicles

As per the order 1997 (E) of the Centre, the Road Transport Authority (RTA), all transport vehicles like trucks, buses, mini buses and dumpers should install speed governors and maintain a speed limit of not more than 80 KM/H. RTA Deputy Transport Commissioner S Venkateswara Rao reportedly confirmed the same and stated that both existing and new vehicles must install the device.

He reportedly said, “If any vehicle is found without the speed governors device during our routine checks or at the time of the issuance of permits, we can confiscate the vehicle.” As per the notification GSR 290 (E) issued by the central government and the Central Motor Vehicles Rules 118, these speed governors are not required to be installed in two wheelers, three seaters, passenger vehicles with carrying capacity of below nine passengers, vehicles below 3500 kg GVB, fire emergency vehicles, ambulance and police vehicles.

The department had held a series of meetings with vehicle owners across Visakhapatnam district, including one in Vizag on March 21. The vehicles that were manufactured after October 1, 2015 need not install these devices as they already have them installed.

Out of 1.50 lakh people that die every year, 40-50% deaths occur across the country in road accidents caused by speeding. While Goa, Karnataka, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra have already gotten on board with the enforcement of the speed governor system as per the standards set by the government, Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has also directed officials to fix speed governors and reflective tapes on all transport vehicles to prevent accidents.

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