600 m long tunnel dug in Brazil to loot Rs 2000 crores

sao paulo brazil theft
tunnel (representational purpose)

You might have come across many feats and daredevilries by a thief. How long can a thief go to steal Rs 2000 crores? This latest story from Sao Paulo, Brazil will give you an idea.

The details of the Sao Paulo case

Reportedly, a group of thieves in Sao Paulo chalked out a unique plan in order to loot this amount. So here goes the plan. They dug a 600-m long tunnel up to the bank they targetted. But wait. That’s not all. This tunnel was not just any other tunnel. It was well equipped with many features that would have facilitated an easy journey for the thieves. The tunnel was installed with light bulbs, phones, and other facilities too.

The group’s plan was to reach the bank through this tunnel, loot the 2000 crores, and make their way out via the same tunnel again. However, the Brazil police had other ideas. The cops busted this long-drawn plan just moments before its execution. They have arrested as many as 16 suspects in this case. The police also informed that the tunnel started its process 4 months ago and initiated from a house in Sao Paulo.

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