Visakhapatnam to get it’s very own clock tower soon, thanks to Rotary Club

clock tower
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We want everything in our beautiful Visakhapatnam, so what is it that we want? Yes this time it is a clock tower for our very own city. Rotary Club is celebrating it’s platinum jubilee year and they are planning to gift it to us. They are gifting it to us by constructing it at one of the busiest places in the Visakhapatnam. So where is it going to be situated? As of now the proposed locations are Siripuram Junction, RK Beach or RTC Complex. We love all because these are all busy hubs within town.

The President has got in touch with the authorities to take the plan forward. The approximate cost of putting up the tower is 10 lakhs. Not just a clock tower, Rotary Club is taking the initiative to spread good will across school children. For young children of classes 9th and 10th in government run schools and at GVMC they are planning to conduct personality development classes. Provided in a few private schools, this facility extended to students of Government schools will be a welcome help.

Last but not the least, the Rotary Club is planning to give fire fighting equipment in different places in the Visakhapatnam. 75 locations have been short listed around the city for installing 75 fire fighting equipment.

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