Government Doctors’ Salaries Delayed

Government Doctor Salary Visakhapatnam

The salaries of government doctors in Visakhapatnam has been delayed for the month of January. They have complained about the same and the reason for the delay being, issues at the district treasury.

Reportedly, the doctors haven’t even received any assurance from the finance department about receiving their salaries soon. The government doctors facing this problem include assistant professors, associate professors and professors. The salary since the last few months didn’t reach them on time either and now there’s confusion if the salary of the last month will even be reaching them or not.

Reportedly, 200 doctors are affected by this delay and when the finance department was questioned, they were told that the delay is due to a freeze in the government level due to overdraft. It seems the input received by the government has been less than the expenditure so they’re in no position to give out the salaries.

Members of the AP Government Doctors Association have also contacted the finance department of the state government at the secretariat. The only response they’ve gotten is that the issue will be resolved, but no clarity has been given as to when their salaries will be released.

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