Railway Station in Visakhapatnam To Get POS Machines

railway station

It’s been a month and half since demonetisation and the vendors in the city are slowly but surely switching to digital transactions. Recently even the Rythu Bazaars in the city have now switched to Paytm. The railway station is soon to follow suit due to the inconvenience being caused.

The railway commuters are reportedly finding it difficult to find loose change, especially when they’re travelling shorter distances. The railway station is yet to get POS machines, which will prove helpful to the commuters. But the machines will be available at the ticket counter by the end of the year.

40 ePOS machines will be installed at the Vizag division with Vizag, Vizianagaram, Srikakulam and Raygada under it. The Vizag railway station itself will have 10 ePOS machines. Three machines will be placed each at the main reservation building, general ticketing counter and the general ticketing counter at the Gnanapuram side and one at the parcel office.

The installation of the machines has been delayed due to some technical glitch at the South Eastern Railways. There was a problem regarding refund of money to customers after cancellation of their tickets. The POS machines will hence be provided within a week, by the year end.

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