Plant Nurseries in & Around Visakhapatnam

Plant Nurseries in Vizag

We all know plants synthesise food, give oxygen, prevent soil erosion, etc etc. But did you know that plants enlighten our minds too? Imagine you waking up one morning and finding yourself in midst of beautiful blooming flowers. It’s a wonderful way to start the day right? Then imagine how wonderful it would be if we get the opportunity to see them grow beautifully each day. There are many people who love plants and would go to a long way to take care of them. This article is for both plant lovers as well as the non-lovers. Planting trees is not only a boon for us but for the future generations too. Here are a few plant nurseries where you can try going for not only buying but also to treat your eyes admiring them.

MVP Central Nursery

These VUDA housing projects and parks are scattered in different parts of the three districts of Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram and Srikakulam. The development of plantations in Kailasagiri, Tenneti Park, Beach Park, Governor’s Bungalows etc are all due to their grace and hard work. The purchase starts early in the morning where many people rush to buy various plants of their choice for their homes.

Visakha Rose Nursery

This place is located in Seshadri nagar, colony, Chintalagraharam, near Simhachalam. Established in the year 1999, this nursery is for all rose lovers which provide the visitors with different types and colours of roses.

CMR Nursery

This place is located in Kommadi junction, Madhurawada. They have all varieties of plants ranging from indoor plants, outdoor plants, crotons , rose and other floral plants of different colours and sizes. Landscape designing is also available.

Plant Nursery

Located in the quiet lanes of Steel Plant, this nursery has different sizes and species of beautiful show plants, vegetable plants, crotons and floral plants. The rates are just so reasonable.

Satyavani Nursery

Located in Kadiyam region in Andhra Pradesh, this nursery is the hub of all plant nurseries. Ornamental, decorative, indoor-outdoor, avenue, fruits and palm varieties in different sizes are what people can find here. You will get plants in wholesale and retail for general public, for businesses and other nurseries, commercial gardens and also for  private estates and institutions. They say that their business is done through various ways – be it emails, phones, or by personal meetings. Not only for shopping but they also have many visitors come by just to admire this beauty of nature. Researchers aren’t new to this nursery either. National and international students visit for botanical tours for case studies and gain knowledge. They even export plants to abroad as they are always on demand for their diverse collection.

Let’s plant more and more trees and eradicate pollution to save the earth.

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