Vizag citizens opine as authorities make helmet mandatory for pillion riders

vizag pillion helmet
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Pillion riders without a helmet, in Vizag, are being slapped with a fine, as per the recently imposed road safety norms. Mentioning that several helmetless pillion riders lost their lives in road accidents in the city, the traffic police have stated that it is mandatory for both the riders of a two-wheeler to wear a helmet from here on.

“At present, most of the two-wheeler riders in the city are wearing helmets. There is a necessity for the pillion riders too to don a helmet in order to avoid injuries in case of an accident, and currently, we’re creating awareness on the same,” a senior official from the traffic department told Yo! Vizag.

As the city still seems to be coming to terms with the move, we asked a few citizens to share their responses on the move. “It is definitely a welcome move. In the case of a road accident, both the rider as well as the pillion rider will be at risk of getting injured. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense if only the rider dons a helmet while the one sitting at the back is left unprotected,” shares Naveen Kumar, who works at a software firm in the city.

Concurring with Naveen is Rajesh, who is a part-time bike-taxi rider. “Many a time, we are thrown at the risk of being severely injured for no fault of ours. Such situations are not only dangerous to the rider but also pose a serious threat to the pillion rider. The police have taken an appreciable step by making helmet mandatory for the ones riding pillion as well,” he shares

However, there also those who hold a slightly different opinion. Finding fault with the police’s inaction towards malfunctioning of traffic signals and other critical traffic issues, Sahithi says, “While the move to make the helmet mandatory for pillion riders is commendable, given the safety at stake, it would be better of if the officials also take care of damaged roads, malfunctioning traffic signals, and other nuisances that occur frequently on the roads in Vizag.”

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