Nokia Launches MIKA – 1st Digital Assistant for Telecom Operators

MIKA – or Multi-purpose Intuitive Knowledge Assistant – is the first digital assistant customized specifically to improve telecom operators’ efficiency by providing engineers faster access to critical information. It will provide voice-dictated automated assistance to reduce time spent searching information resources, enabling operators to focus on key business tasks without being distracted.

Powered by Nokia’s AVA platform, the system combines augmented intelligence with automated learning to provide access to an extensive range of tools, documents and data sources. Unlike Siri or Alexa, MIKA works to provide quick and accurate answers to engineering questions using the Nokia AVA knowledge library, a repository of best practice gathered from Nokia projects around the world.

In addition to launching MIKA, Nokia introduces Predictive Repair, a service that forecasts potential hardware failures up to 14 days in advance, with up to 95 percent accuracy. These recommendations will allow operators to improve efficiency by avoiding unnecessary site visits, wasted operations efforts, excessive inventory, and false ‘No Fault Found’ returns. This service will be available for customer trials in March 2017.

The MIKA digital assistant service is now available for customer trials and will be demonstrated at the Nokia booth at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona between February 27 and March 2, 2017.

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