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NASA has built the most complex international scientific and engineering project in history and has the largest structure of humans to have ever been put into space – the International Space Station, a high flying satellite. This is a laboratory for new technologies and an observation platform for astronomical, environment and geological research. This satellite is permanently occupied as an outpost space, it also serves as a stepping stone for further space exploration.

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NASA announces as new service to help people see the orbiting laboratory when it passes overhead. “Spot the Station” will send an email or text message to those who sign up for service a few hours before they will be able to see the space station. On a clear night the station is visible as a fast moving object of light. Spot the station users will have the options to receive alerts about morning, evening or both types of sighting.

The International Space Station’s trajectory passes our more than 90% of Earth’s population. This service is designed to notify users of passes that are high enough in the sky to be easily visible over trees and buildings. This covers 4,600 locations worldwide all of which are available on the Spot the Station.

You can register for updates at – Nasa

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