6 Must-Know Middle Eastern Beauty Secrets

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Indian beauty secrets are a done deal. No matter how many BB creams we invest in, the same old turmeric & curd face pack is what we all turn to in time of need. But when you’re bored of the same old hacks, here are some new ones that’ll leave you looking shining bright. Middle Eastern ladies are known for their dewy soft skin and the thick raven hair they hide under their hijabs. We bring you their beauty secrets.


Apply castor oil to your eyelashes for strengthening them; resulting in long lashes that rarely fall down.


Add rosemary and mint to gently heated olive, coconut or castor oil and apply to hair for shiny, luscious locks.

Face Mask

Clay masks cannot be underrated – they have a high mineral content that soaks up all the dirt and oil from the skin. Mixing the mask with rose water rather than regular old water will stimulate blood flow, tighten the pores, restore the skin’s pH balance and regulate sebum production.


Ditch those store-bought scrubs. Mix some brown sugar with cooled down green tea and use it to scrub your face, lips or neck. Don’t forget to scrub gently!

Body Lotions

Skip the regular old moisturiser for your own concoction of sweet almond oil, castor oil and rose water or mashed peach and heavy cream. Yogurt mixed with honey is an amazing mask to pamper your skin with. Mix coconut oil with whole milk to make your own body lotion or plain old olive oil works wonders too.

*Use any of the above at least an hour before shower or preferably overnight.


For whitening your teeth at home, mash up some ripe strawberries with baking soda and brush your teeth with it for five minutes. Do not use this mixture more than twice a weak unless you want to ruin your enamel.

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