Union Cabinet Minister Maneka Gandhi demands action against the passers by who did nothing to stop the rape in Vizag

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Union Cabinet Minister Maneka Gandhi

Union Cabinet Minister for Women and Child Development, Maneka Gandhi, has demanded that action should be taken against the passive spectators of the heinous rape in Visakhapatnam.

Image Credits: NDTV

The culprit has been identified as Ganji Siva of Visakhapatnam. A report in Times of India stated that Siva had lost his father at an early age and used to live with his mother. The police informed that Siva, who was addicted alcohol and ganja, used to beat his mother if she refused to give him money. The police even added that he resorted to robberies when he was short on money to purchase the day’s liquor quota. In fact, Siva was first put behind the bars when he was booked for stealing a motorcycle.

In case you didn’t know..

The crime, which took place in Visakhapatnam on Sunday, left everyone with utter disbelief. An alcoholic man forced himself onto a destitute woman who was taking shade under a tree on one of the busier roads in the city. What was equally appalling was the fact that no passer-by took it upon him/herself to step forward and stop the man from committing the rape. The incident has set ablaze a wide scale uproar all over the nation with everyone questioning the people’s inhumanity.

Reacting to this incident, Cabinet Minister Maneka Gandhi lashed out at the people who did nothing. She criticised the fact that people felt it was better to record the video instead of trying and helping the victim.

Speaking to the PTI over the phone, she said, “Everybody here is culpable…the people who were thrill seekers preferring to let a woman suffer rather than help her. I am totally outraged by their behaviour…by the behaviour of the man who raped her and by the people who by doing nothing helped it happen.”