The Man Who Knew Infinity Movie Review


The Man Who Knew Infinity Trailer

Movie: The Man Who Knew Infinity

Language: English

Genre: Biography – Drama

Director: Matthew Brown

Cast: Dev Patel, Jeremy Irons, Devika Bhise, Jeremy Northam, Toby Jones

Who in India hasn’t heard of the mathematical genius Srinivasa Ramanujan? Being the most noted name in the field of Indian mathematics and even worldwide, one of his widely known formulae is the infinite series. A mathematical biopic based on him could either be a trigger for nightmares or an interesting insight into his life. Find out which!

What it is about:

The true story of an orthodox brahmin who lacks formal education and is yet a unique, mathematical genius. He develops most of his theories in isolation before sending a letter to a professor at Cambridge, leaving him in awe.

Why you should watch it:

Setting foot right on the day before the commencement of World War I, Srinivasa Ramanujan finds himself away from home and his wife, in a foreign land, among foreigners – some of whom are racists, eating food he isn’t used to, in the midst of war, but getting to do the thing he loves the most. Dev Patel does a good job of being the religious introvert he’s supposed to be, although sometimes he comes across as a stubborn snob. Jeremy Irons plays the atheist, detached, ageing mathematician GH Hardy. The movie explores the unlikely partnership between the two that has caused many mathematical breakthroughs.

What’s Hot:

The screenplay.
Dev Patel & Jeremy Irons’ performances.
A compelling watch.
What’s Not:

Dev Patel’s accent.
Unfortunately, not the next ‘A Beautiful Mind’ as one would expect.
Relegating Ramanujan’s marital life to a lazy subplot.

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