Kaushal Manda files online harassment complaint against his former fans

kaushal manda, kaushal army
Image Source: Facebook/KaushalManda

Big Boss 2 winner Kaushal Manda, on Thursday, filed an online harassment complaint with Cyber Crime Station, Hyderabad. The model-actor alleged that some of his former fans were making derogatory and abusive comments against him and his wife on social media platforms, particularly on YouTube and WhatsApp.

Based on the complaint filed by Kaushal, the Cyberabad Police registered a case under Section 67 of the IT Act and have reportedly written to Google seeking the IP addresses of the miscreants.

Recently, there was a rift between Kaushal and a few members of his fan group, ‘Kaushal Army’ when the latter alleged that the Big Boss 2 winner had not fulfilled his promise of utilising the reality show’s prize money for the treatment of cancer patients. The former fans also said that Kaushal would often make his fans bear the outdoor expenses of his trips and would later snub them when questioned.

In response, Kaushal denied the allegations made against him. The celebrity said that some of the founding members of the Kaushal Army were ousted from the group due to misconduct. He alleged that these members were caught misusing his name and collecting funds.

Kaushal Manda, who hails from Vizag, recently took to Instagram to write an emotional post, in which he described himself as “a living example of what society does to people who rise to fame without a proper background in the industry.” He further reasserted that he had pieces of evidence to prove himself “clean”. In his other post, the actor informed that “as of now, Kaushal Army Foundation Committee and Kaushal Army Heads are being called off,” and new members would be assigned only after “proper evaluation”.

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