Big Boss 2 winner Kaushal Manda faces backlash from Kaushal Army

kaushal manda, kaushal army
Image Source: Facebook/KaushalManda

As proved time and again, the world of fame can be quite tricky. From shooting someone instantly into the limelight to decimating careers within a flash, the world of glitz and glam has seen it all. The latest instance testifying the tradition seems to be that of Kaushal Manda, who walked away with the title of Big Boss 2 last year. Not only did the reality show witness Kaushal mark a mercurial rise as a famed celebrity but had also helped him gain a massive “fan” base, christened as “Kaushal Army”.

The Kaushal Army was seen to be everywhere with walkathons and social media engagement, thereby playing a huge role in deciding the show’s fate. However, the tables seemed to have turned rather quickly for the Big Boss 2 star. In an unexpected turn of events, Kaushal Army has expressed severe displeasure over the actor’s deeds and has made several allegations against him.

In a TV debate show held recently, members of his fan community have accused Kaushal Manda of fraud in the name of Kaushal Army Foundation. The members claimed that the Big Boss 2 winner had misused the funds raised in the name of the Foundation. They further alleged that Kaushal, who hails from Vizag, would often make his fans bear the outdoor expenses of his trips and would later snub them when questioned.

It may be recalled that several other contestants of the show, including Babu Gogineni, had complained of Kaushal Manda’s rude behaviour and even described his following as a “paid army”. It remains to be seen how the model-actor responds to the allegations and counter the backlash that has been picking up the pace on social media and elsewhere.

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