Facing the odds: Tales of 5 lesser known Vizag women you need to know about

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Saluting womanhood and cherishing women’s contribution towards the society, the International Women’s Day marks a special day. Facing odds, breaking stereotypes, and coming out with flying colours in different fields, women truly stand out on several fronts. From raising responsible citizens to donning pivotal roles in several organisations to managing businesses worth multi-millions, they continue to sail forward undeterred, inspiring us all. Today, we bring you five such incredible stories of five lesser-known women in Vizag who fight adversities day in and day out to meet their ends.


cobbler, vizagRepairing shoes for more than two decades now, Kanakamma of Vizag continues to strive hard to make ends meet as a woman cobbler. Facing the odds after marrying an alcoholic husband and the untimely demise of her young son, she toils for 13 hours a day to make her financial ends meet. As a woman who stood strong despite adversities, 50-year-old Kanakamma makes a mark in a male-dominated line of work.


lakshmi, flower seller, visakhapatnamBattling a life that has given her a husband who drinks and a child with polio, Lakshmi, a flower seller from Vizag, balances it all with a smile. A firm believer in God, Lakshmi believes that the Almighty has bright plans for her as she chugs away earning a livelihood for her family. There are many women like Lakshmi who earn money doing such jobs. Purchasing from them directly supports their families. And each of us can make a little difference when we buy from them.


Mehendi woman in VizagJyotheswari is a charming lady who managed to convert her passion for mehendi into a profession, thereby enabling her to be a contributor to her family. And all this, while being differently abled which restricted her mobility. Facing several challenges all through her life, Jyotheswari has stood as a true warrior, earning income to help her family. An inspiring instance of self-reliance in the face of adversity. We salute her commitment towards her work and wish her the very best for the future.


Within the sprawling Sivaji Park is a sight that might be considered an example of ‘extreme optimism’. Highly popular with the walkers here, Rama, a security guard, is often seen laughing away her troubles. Taking up the job to support the financial demands of living in an urban area, she battles multiple challenges to keep her home running. Hoping that education will give her daughter a better life, an optimistic Rama sends her daughter to school; a circumstance which entails further expenses, nonetheless it is her ray of hope.


fishmonger, vizagHow far would you go to make your living? Amma will tell you of her travails of travelling uphill with her catch in a worn steel container on her head and how the bus doesn’t agree to take her in because of the stench.  Her domain, as she likes to call it, is a door to door servicing of the closed community of Naval families staying on Dolphin Hill, the bustling Scindia market and thereabouts.

Do you know about any such inspiring tale involving women? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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