8 famous junctions that define the city of Vizag

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While ‘junctions’ refer to a meeting or a joining of some kind, in Vizag, they have become legendary landmarks that actually add character to the city. A journey through some of these famed junctions showcases how life around them has transformed, becoming busier over the years. Here, we bring you 8 famous junctions that have always been touted as areas of high prominence in Vizag.


Initially a small suburb outside Vizag, Maddilapalem today even has its own Wiki page! Located on the all-significant Highway road (NH16), it is one of the major commercial and residential suburbs in Visakhapatnam conjoining the areas of MVP Colony, RTC Complex, and Akkayyapalem. But more than its actual name, this busy junction is better recognised by its landmarks, the city’s popular CMR Central, bus depot and AU grounds.


The Naval Armament Depot Junction, better known as NAD, is one of the busiest joints in the city with the peak hour traffic crossing the 60,000 mark on weekdays. Connecting Gajuwaka, Simhachalam, Gurudwara, and Gnanapuram, the area is presently in a state of chaos as it is undergoing a major overhaul. Coming up is a unique rotary mode flyover, one-of-its-kind in the country, with three different layers, no traffic signals and even a provision for the proposed metro rail.


Named after the landmark theatre, Jagadamba Junction essentially encapsulates the vibrant charm of Vizag. Till the iconic theatre came up in 1970, it was called the ‘Yellammathota Junction’ as in the vicinity is a temple dedicated to the local deity. Located in the heart of city, the centre has turned synonymous with shopping choices, food spots, and cinema halls.


Joining the routes to the Beach Road, Pedda Waltair, and Asilmetta, Siripuram is a pleasantly neat and popular junction. Capturing the quintessential cosmopolitan vibe of the city, the locale also accommodates HSBC, our first supermarket – Karachiwala and the distinctive Dutt Island with all its eateries.

Convent junction

Reflecting the charisma of old Vizag is the notable Convent Junction. Located amidst an industrial area, roads from the Port Trust, NAD, and RTC Complex converge here. The classy new entrance to the Railway Station too is accessed via this junction. However, the rising levels of pollution in the area are causes for concern.


A prominent neighbourhood in Visakhapatnam, Gajuwaka is the biggest shopping district in Andhra Pradesh and a major contributor of revenue to the state, thanks to the many shoppers from the adjoining townships and neighbouring villages. Many of the industry bigwigs like HPCL and the Port are in this vicinity, making this a bustling junction that connects to the Steel Plant, Port, and the city’s Airport.


Presiding the three-way junction is the majestic Gurudwara Sadh Sangath. Ironically, the white edifice is hidden behind numerous giant hoardings that vie to catch the eye of the motorist idling away at the traffic lights. This T-junction on the Highway, connects NAD, RTC Complex, and Maddilapalem. The locale also features three bus stops to make commutation easy.


Connecting one of the major suburbs of the city – Madhurawada to Vizag, Hanumanthawaka Junction lies on the Visakhapatnam-Vizianagaram stretch of the Highway. The BRTS Road towards Simhachalam and a road towards Kailasagiri branch out here. Having MVP colony and Gambhiram on its either sides, the area also features specialties such as an International Cricket Stadium, IT SEZ and corporate hospitals.

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