Film Review – Jai Lava Kusa, does the hype really deliver the entertainment?

jr ntr jai lava kusa
jr ntr jai lava kusa

One of the most hyped movies of recent times, Jai Lava Kusa has promised an entertainment packed Telugu movie watching experience. How much of what is promised, is true? We leave it to you to decide after it’s film review.

Fact file:

Genre – Drama

Cast – Junior NTR, Raashi Khanna, Niveda Thomas, Sai Kumar

Director – KS Ravindra

Story in a nut shell – Story of triplets Jai Lava Kusa who despite being siblings grow up differently. The plot extends to a separation and a much later reunion of the trio. Having followed different paths and walks of life, their destinies vary only to be intertwined finally. the dynamics of the brothers is the crux of the movie plot. Having told you about this, what really is the worth it and the worth not.


  • Junior NTR has unleashed his full potential of acting into the triple roles with triple conceptualizations. However executed, that seems remarkable and curious enough to warrant a watch.
  • The audience have pre-loved the character Jai, for which movie buff doesn’t like a bad boy with a heart of melting gold. Jai the character will pull us to the theaters.
  • Emotional loss, separation and reunion saga is the stuff on which the silver screen thrives. If you love a sob story with twists and final happy endings then this is for you.
  • The steamy song with Tamannah is sure to raise eyebrows and wine glasses alike. The dance of the duo in Jai Lava Kusa will make a film review partial to the dance moves.
  • The female protagonists have done justice to their characters and will not leave you wanting for better characterization.
  • The movie might look like a platform for Junior NTR promotion which it might be but let us give the acting efforts of the star their due.
  • A typical popcorn movie and a must watch for the festive season would go amiss without the necessary masala and madness of a flick like this.

Verdict: Definitely worth a watch with a bucketful of popcorn and a non-judgmental mind.

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