Indigo airlines launches flight service between Visakhapatnam and Bangalore

Indigo flights visakhapatnam

Indigo airlines launched a flight service from Visakhapatnam to Bangalore on Sunday. As per a statement from the Andhra Pradesh Air Travelers Association (APATA), the flight will be departing from Bangalore at 5:35 AM and landing in Visakhapatnam on 7:05 AM. In the return route, the flight will take from Visakhapatnam at 7:45 AM and land in Bangalore at 9:35 AM.

The timings of the newly launched flight service are as follows:

1. Bangalore to Visakhapatnam:

Departure from Bangalore: 5.35 AM

Arrival at Visakhapatnam: 7.05 AM

2. Visakhapatnam to Bangalore:

Departure from Visakhapatnam: 7.45 AM

Arrival at Bangalore: 9:35 AM

Passengers can now fly to and fro from the destinations within two hours, with no stops in between. The Andhra Pradesh Air Travelers Association (APATA) even requested the director of Airports Authority of India, Visakhapatnam to open new tracks in the Visakhapatnam airport so that more flights can be accommodated in this route. The statement further elaborated that the existent taxi tracks at the city airport are accommodating 10 movements every hour.

The airport Director of Visakhapatnam airport informed the APATA members that the Airports Authority of India had spent Rs 23 crore on the construction of the additional track and N 5 taxi track to accommodate additional air crafts. The APATA is also in talks with other airlines to introduce their carriers in the Visakhapatnam-Bangalore route. At present, new flights are not being granted permission to fly in peak hours between 9 AM to 12 noon and 7 PM to 9 PM due to non-availability of flying slots. The officials at APATA hope that introduction of new taxi tracks would help accommodating new flights.

In September, Indigo Airlines had launched flight service between Visakhapatnam and Rajahmundry.

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