Illegal Roads Being Laid By The Mining Mafia

Illegal Road Mining Mafia

The villagers of Sarudugu panchayat in Natavaram mandal have complained to district officials on Monday that illegal roads are being laid nearby. The mining mafia has reportedly been laying a road from Sundarakota to Torada for the transportation of the laterite that they’re mining.

Sundarakota’s Panchayats Extension to Scheduled Areas Act (PESA) Committee Secretary B Krishna stated that the road was being constructed without the required permissions. Those constructing roads are required to take permission from the forest and revenue departments.

The mining mafia has mined around 60,000 tonne of laterite and has constructed the road without taking any permissions for its transportation.

This will damage the environment lead to pollution in eight villages. The government recently gave permissions to only tribal Killo Lovaraju to excavate laterite in 40 acres, but no permission to transport it,” B Krishna said. He further alleged that the ruling party leaders were in support of the mafia.

Feature Image Credit: Lateritetiles

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