7 hilariously relatable things during semester exams at GITAM, Vizag

gitam semester, vizag

From jolting down the syllabus to racking the brains in the exam, the process of preparing and taking an exam is a remarkable experience of student life. Talking about exams and preparation, it’s time for the odd semester examinations in GITAM (Deemed to be University), Vizag. Marking the occasion, an Engineering student of the college, currently gearing up to test his luck in the sem exams, pours his heart out in a quirky way. Here are 7 things that students would resonate with during the semester exams.

#1 Getting the material ready

From waiting in long queues at the library to getting the topper’s notes (and everything else) photocopied just a day or two before the semester exams, gathering the requisite study material is no mean task, make no mistake about it.

#2 Night out before the exam

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? With hundreds of books to be read and gigabytes of data to be uploaded into the head, the night before the exam somehow ends up as the only auspicious time to pull off jaw-dropping miracles.

#3 Sharing sob stories with friends

Not too sure about how your stars would line up on the exam day? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Call on your pals and ease the burden off by sharing the inevitable sob stories.

#4 Choosing what to skip in “choice”

It isn’t as easy as it sounds. The ebbs of life seem to get a bit trickier just when you have to choose the units that can help you get over the line.

#5 Turning up on the D-day

After enduring all the hardships on the night before, turning up on the D-day needs special courage to be mustered. And boy, aren’t the first few minutes in the exam hall, with all its silence and eerie atmosphere, nerve-racking!?

#6 Finding a hub for last-minute preparation

Be it the lawns, the canteens, the KRC lobby or even the ICT stairs; every crucial point in GITAM transforms into a knowledge hub during the semester exams. From toppers sharing important questions to the nervy ones trying to cover the topics left-out, the pandemonium at the college in Vizag is not to be missed!

#7 When the question paper isn’t even close to what you expected

That’s a tough pill to swallow. A glimpse of the question paper in the first few minutes and you’d know how your subsequent three hours would exactly pass.

Submitted by a student of GITAM, Vizag. The views in the article have been expressed on a lighter note and are not inteded to hurt any sentiments.

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