APCC Puts Allegations On State And Central Governments For Fraudulent Practices

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The APCC (Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee) Chief N Raghuveer Reddy put allegations on State and Central Govt. for their fraudulent practices and misleading public under the name of Special status. According to him, there is some really high corruption going on in the state where MoU’s are being signed under the Incentive to Industrial development scheme triggering Special Status allowances. However the companies with which these MoU’s got signed are either unreliable or have limited potential with no experience, he said.

The state government is trying to grab the sum assured towards Special Category Status (SPS) by hiding it through false promotions of MoU’s  getting signed for the states wellness and improvement”, he reportedly added.

In general, a diligence certificate is issued for investigation purposes towards potential investment a party or person does for the sake of an individual or public benefit, which in this case is negligible hence suspecting the motives of State government. Also lack of such certification further added fuel to fire. Outcome being, more worthless companies came forward to deal signing for the sake of hidden benefits which nowhere relates to State wellness.

N Raghuveer Reddy further cements his point by adding in the involvement of RTI which clearly uncovered the fraud being done. He mentions about the State Government allotting lands to its near and dear under the false promotions of Industrial schemes.

Out of 331 MoU’s signed at the CII 2016 summit, which he calls worthless and meaningless, the RTI managed to uncover only 116. Previously, Congress had accused that the Partnership Summit was nothing but a sham.

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