Dosa Dose: 9 delicious dosas in Visakhapatnam that no foodie can miss

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When everything else fails, the Dosas surely prevail. One of the most popular delicacies from the South Indian cuisine, these heavenly delights come in myriad varieties. We close in on 9 such delicious and unique dosas in Visakhapatnam.

#1 Ghee Upma Rava Dosa
Giving the traditional rava dosa a delicious twist is this irresistible variety at Nethi Vindu. A crisp rava dosa, roasted to perfection, comes stuffed with soft upma and a layer of karam podi to lift your mood instantly. To top it off, a generous application of desi ghee works magic in the company of flavourful chutneys.

Where: Ramnagar

#2 Ghee Karam Spongi Dosa
The Ghee Karam Spongi Dosa stands apart among the many popular varieties of set dosa at Venkatadri Vantillu. Steaming hot fluffy dosas topped karam podi and a copious amount of ghee make this variety a runaway winner. Try these dosas with the peanut chutney on offer and you can thank us later.

Where: Siripuram

#3 Chicken Keema Dosa
Non-vegetarian lovers should head to Hungry Wheelz to gorge over the Chicken Keema Dosa. A large plain dosa is offered with a freshly-made chicken keema curry to make the traditional delight irresistible. Savour this one with coconut and ginger chutneys to be left wanting for more.

Where: Seethammadhara

#4 The homely Attlu
Tucked away in the many bylanes of Seethammapeta, a humble household sells home-made idlis and attlu (dosas) for breakfast. Hugely popular among the local neighbourhood, a plate of four attlu is served with lip-smacking coconut chutney. Sold at just Rs 10 per plate, these dosas are as filling as a pocket-friendly breakfast can get in Visakhapatnam.

Where: Seethammapeta

Contact: 9948517288

#5 Ghee Karam Plain Dosa
dosas, dosa, visakhapatnamSmeared with a thick layer of karam podi on the inside, the Ghee Karam Plain Dosa at Sairam Parlour is a favourite for many spice lovers. The dosa comes coated with ghee and goes well with the chutney and sambhar that are served along. You can also try the masala variant to relish this dosa with the quintessential potato curry.

Where: Diamond Park

#6 Butter Paneer D Wrap
The unique offering at Bake My Wish is highly recommended for the paneer aficionados. Loaded with the goodness of butter, cottage cheese, finely chopped veggies, and delightful masala, this dosa is served as a wrap. The finger-lickingly good peanut chutney, which is served along, fetches a special mention.

Where: Lawson’s Bay Colony

#7 Paneer Jini Dosa
dosas, dosa, visakhapatnam
A crispy crepe is filled with a delicious merger of paneer, grated cheese, thinly sliced veggies and flavourful sauces to make it a crowd-favourite at Ruchi Dosa. Cut into four portions and served in cylindrical forms, the dosa comes with coconut and ginger chutneys to make it all the more delectable.

Where: Kirlampudi Layout

#8 Mysore Masala Cheese Dosa
The Mysore Masala Cheese Dosa at Vizag Dosa Factory has an appetizing presentation. A scrumptious aloo masala, in combination with crunchy vegetables, butter, cheese and three sauces, makes for a delicious serving. Accompanied by three chutneys, of coconut, ginger and green chillies, the dosa is a must-try.

Where: Food truck lane, Jail Road

#9 The Bandi Special
dosas, dosa, visakhapatnam
Roasted to a golden colour, the crisp and delicious plain dosa at the Chakravarty tiffins is a major crowd puller in Visakhapatnam. Priced at a very nominal cost of Rs. 20, it definitely doesn’t compromise on taste. Served with four accompaniments of coconut, tomato, ginger and Bombay chutney, it’s hard to stop at one.

Where: MVP double road

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