It’s Donut Day!

Got a sweet tooth? Then this scrumptious confectionery doesn’t need any introduction for you. Yes, we are talking about Doughnuts a.k.a Donuts. You might be wondering at the randomness of us talking about Donuts. But we are, because today is *drum roll* DONUTS DAY!

National Donut Day, celebrated and originated in The U.S, is to honour to the members of The Salvation Army who served Donuts for the soldiers of World War 1. We did lend many days from The United States to celebrate in the name of Valentine’s Day, New Year’s and so on. So why not this day? They are Donuts, after all!

On this occasion we you bring 5 places in Vizag where you can feast on these deep-fried dough delicacies.

Such yum, such wow

Dunkin’ Bagels, Ram Nagar

Along with the Strawberry, Mango and Chocolate Donuts they have, they say their Chocochip Donuts are the best. What are you waiting for?

OMG *heart eyes emoji*

Food Ex, Siripuram

Though they stock Cream, Chocolate and Double Chocolate Donuts, Two-in-one Donut tops their list.

*screams with happiness*

Sugar, Novotel

This place definitely cures all your sweet cravings along with the picture perfect ocean view from your table. They offer Chocolate, Plain and Cinnamon-Sugar Donuts. Any Donut sprinkled with lemon zest is the best, they say.


Bake My Wish, Lawsons Bay Colony

Chocolate Donuts are on their regular menu and bless these people, they make any flavour you want on request!


Pastry Coffee and Conversation, Siripuram

If you are around, drop by this place and savour a delicious Donut with a cup of Hot Chocolate.  Nothing’s more perfect!


Feature Image Credit: Bake my Wish

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