5 things students of De Paul School in Vizag will relate to

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De Paul School in Vizag continues to create ever-lasting memories for its students. The students lovingly retell stories of their experiences at this school. Here are some of the experiences every De Paul-“ian” will relate to:

#1 The Steel Plant buddies


Almost everyone you know at school is from some sector at Steel Plant. From being school friends to riding bicycles to each other’s houses, these friendships are for a lifetime.

#2 The morning bus ride to sector 8


The day begins with hustle to catch the bus on time. After boarding it, it’s about sitting back and experiencing the calm and serene ride through the different sectors of the Steel Plant. Saving the seat for a friend from a different sector has to be the most anxiety driven task though (unless you haven’t done your homework). And btw, throwing in a handkerchief to reserve a seat barely ever helped!

#3 The school uniform check after the morning assembly


Discipline is a serious affair and it shows. Climbing up the stairs to your classrooms in the group while being checked by for your uniform, by PT sir, has to be one thing that makes it deliberate. And it’s almost impossible to escape his “eagle eyes”.

#4 The unforgettable teachers


Whether it be Jyoti ma’am or Christoper sir, the tales they tell capture everyone’s interest and the care they take to teach, make all the teachers of De Paul School in Vizag unforgettable for its students.

#5 The annual day event


An event that is looked forward by both students and the alumnus, it’s a great showcase of talent. Having your parents and classmates cheering for you is one of the best feelings, making you feel no less than a star.

Disclaimer: The article doesn’t intend to offend anyone. The views expressed here are solely of the author and not Yo! Vizag

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