City most likely to attract investments for building roads

City most likely to attract investments for building roads.

The city of destiny will be able to attract investments to the Rs 25,000 crore for the six-lane and four-lane roads that are sanctioned for the district.

The Parliament members, K Haribabu and M Srinivasa Rao, participating in a review meeting on the Central Government projects have said that the officials have to complete as many projects as possible in the next couple of years during their team’s tenure. They have also reportedly blamed the district-level officials for not letting the benefits of government schemes not reaching the people. The Central government has sanctioned many welfare and developmental projects but the local authorities have been accused by the MPs of not giving proper publicity and keeping citizens in the dark.

Criticism was shown towards local officials after a review meeting conducted here about all the Central government’s ongoing projects. Many six and four lane expansions of National Highway have been sanctioned by the Central government. So they have decided that the 50.78 KM long six-lane road which has been sanctioned between the Anandapuram, Pendurthi and Anakapalle has to be completed in time.

Haribabu also added that none of the officials were informing the MPs on the progress of the project. In fact, the information they’re supposed to receive has been received more from the media than from the officials.

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