AP Tourism Has Catchy Social Media Campaigns for Vizag, Konaseema & Kurnool

AP Tourism Social Media Campaigns

Being ranked the third cleanest in the country, Visakhapatnam is also the most beautiful and peaceful place for anyone who would love to spend their vacation here. With weather conditions being more terrible each day, a lot of tourists are visiting the district with an increase of 11,000 people alone in the month of May. Reportedly, around 76,000 tourists visited Borra caves which resulted in a revenue of Rs 50 Lakh, which is Rs 9 Lakh more than the collection last year in the same month. Resorts were full, be it at Araku valley, Ananthagiri, Tyda or Rushikonda. Not only Visakhapatnam, the Andhra Pradesh tourism is highlighting nooks and corners of the state as a whole for attracting tourists each day; by creating a catchy social media campaign for various places on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



This campaign has the hashtag #WhyKonaseema and its where people get an answer as to why one must visit that place. They use quirky reasons – like, to learn about ancient temples rather than working on spreadsheets, or to prefer spending a lovely moment in the rains rather than being in office cabins for 365 days. They even put up places that one can visit in Konaseema; like a boat ride to Hope Island where in the mist filled morning a tiny silver fish pops out to the tunes of chirping of birds or a pep talk with localities being much more than thousand memes in the internet. An early morning walk on paddy fields is much refreshing than staying indoors. They entice you to visit the untapped village with the laid back cultural routine and enjoy the local beauty. The temple of Lord Narasimhaswamy in Antarvedi celebrates a fair every year in the month of Feb. Known as Antarvedi teertham, it is also a place worth visiting in a lifetime. Pulasa fish is the delicacy of the place.


Punnami Festival

Subsequently they share about Kurnool where in during the PUNNAMI, Orvakal festival held from 9 – 11 June, you get the benefit of the beautiful scenery via a hot air balloon floating in the air. Besides that, featuring in the festivities are zip-lining, Kuchipudi, fire dance, rock band, live concert, standup comedy, Spanish flamenco and more.



Meanwhile, a hashtag for Visakhapatnam #letsvizag was also launched, highlighting places like Tenneti Park, Rushikonda, Kailasagiri, Tothlakonda, and Sagar Nagar beach where people can swim and have a lovely evening. LetsVizag even has a website page that can be checked out for special vacation packages and competitions too.

So head over to the Andhra Pradesh Tourism’s social media pages and spread some love.

Images Credit: Andhra Pradesh Tourism Facebook/Instagram

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