CallHealth Academy for Medical Pioneers and Innovation to Bridge Employability Gap in the Healthcare Delivery Industry

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CallHealth Services Pvt. Ltd. announces its plans to set up the CallHealth Academy for Medical Pioneers and Innovation (CHAMPIONS) –  a unique mobilization and development initiative aimed at building a service ready workforce that will act as a conduit to bring the entire healthcare eco-system- patients, physicians, providers and payers (insurance) to the patient’s doorstep. A disruptive force, the CHAMPIONS initiative will not only help generate employment to 1000s of people over the next few years but will also transform the traditional model of healthcare delivery.

The academy will develop holistic training modules, invest in both hard and soft infrastructure and will partner with various industry and government bodies to provide enhanced skill certification. The academy will help in training people with little or no experience and make them employable within the growing healthcare industry and will also help upskill experienced healthcare professionals through advanced learning programs.

A much-needed move, this initiative is aligned with the transformational shifts that are taking place in healthcare today:

Dr. Sameer Khan, Chief Business Officer, CallHealth, speaking about CHAMPIONS said, “As per industry reports, it is estimated that about 46% of patients have to travel over 100 km to seek proper medical care. Under the CHAMPIONS initiative, CallHealth plans to build a viable, scalable recruitment and training model focused towards quality and high standards. We are looking at partnering with 500+ top-notch trainers, Government bodies and State Governments across the country. As our first initiative, we are delighted to sign a MoU with the Telangana Government and TASK, who will help us in identifying the required manpower to be trained.”

CallHealth and Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK) will work towards creating productive livelihood opportunities in the healthcare sector for unemployed youth in Telangana. The partnership will run a ‘finishing school’ and bridge ‘employability gap’ by training and certifying 200 semi trained, unemployed youth for employment in healthcare sector in 2 years and progressively expand the base. CallHealth will employ 75% of students from the batch and the rest will be provided employment by other healthcare service providers.

The program will look at training skilled force across various roles in healthcare delivery such as Medical Facilitation Officers, Call Centre Officers, Diagnostic Sample Collection and Report Delivery, Home Care – Bedside Assistance, amongst others.

Dr. Sameer Khan, Chief Business Officer, CallHealth, who signed the MoU on behalf of CallHealth said, “India’s ageing population is likely to reach from 98.9 million to approximately 168 million* by 2026, thereby creating a huge demand for skilled workforce in healthcare delivery. We see CallHealth playing a significant role towards driving a new era as we are rapidly growing our operations across India and foresee a need for 1000s of healthcare delivery officers in the next 3 years.”

Speaking on this occasion Mr. Sujiv Nair, CEO – TASK indicated, “This is a first of its kind of training being imparted in the Healthcare sector and both the organisations will be working closely on a well-defined curriculum addressing the needs of semi-skilled and skilled youth to share a differentiated career path for unskilled and unemployed rural youth.”

As per the MoU signed, CallHealth will support in content and syllabus creation for the program, identification of technical trainers, venue for training, career counselling and ensure smooth delivery and implementation of the program. TASK will be responsible for mobilisation of youth for the Skilling Pilots from across Telangana State and providing the infrastructure such as facilitating hostel for outstation candidates and soft skill trainers.

About CallHealth Services Pvt. Ltd. 

CallHealth is providing end-to-end healthcare delivery services such as Teleconsultation, [email protected], [email protected], Hospital Facilitation, [email protected], Wellness, Counselling and Family Doctor. CallHealth provides these services using a proprietary eHealth Platform, highly trained Medical Health Officers and leveraging the ecosystem of healthcare providers such as Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, Physician Consultants, Physiotherapists and others in the arena of Medical and Health Care.

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About Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK)

Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK) is a not for profit organization established by the Government of Telangana, to enhance skilling for youth in the state. And also plays a key role in enhancing synergy among institutions of Government, Industry & Academia. Over 500 colleges in the Telangana state are registered with TASK and offers skilling programs for students and faculty in line with industry requirement.For more information visit,

*Indian Healthcare Report 2015

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