Biodiversity Walk At Kambalakonda Wildlife Sactuary

KAMBALAKONDA Wildlife Sactuary - Biodiversity Walk

A Biodiversity Walk will be observed at Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary to observe the International Day of Biological Diversity. During the walk that is ideally suited for morning, travellers will be introduced to the various flora and fauna that the wildlife reserve holds.

The diversity at this wildlife sanctuary best represents the rich Eastern Ghats, with a dry evergreen forest containing shrubs and meadows. The hilly terrain with steep slopes are a delight to walk on. The whole objective of the walk is to make the travellers aware of the rich biodiversity present in and around the sanctuary.

Along the walk, discussions will be held and awareness spread about the different biotypes, forests, wildlife, conservation and biodiversity aspects that exist within the sanctuary. The walk will focus on observation of various birds, butterflies, trees and insects. Little known and seldom observed creatures will be the focus of the walk too.

Bird-watching will of course be a major part of the walk, so enthusiastic photographers are welcome with their cameras. This will the chance to capture some uniquely amazing birds. The biodiversity walk will be a good platform to develop your interest in natural surroundings.

All one needs to do is carry a few essentials and assemble at the Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary between 5:30 and 6 AM.

What: Biodiversity Walk

When: 22 May

Where: Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary

Essentials: Water, binoculars (optional), walking shoes, hat/cap

Timings: 6 AM

Contact: Vivek Rathod : +91 90527 97234, Gnaneshwar :+91 95502 71059

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