Yo! Vizag shares the other side of the actor – Ashish Vidyarthi

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We had the opportunity to meet one of India’s finest actor and REALLY find out more about him…off camera!

Ashish Vidyarthi Reel and Real

Known for his villainous side in both Bollywood and regional cinema, Ashish Vidyarthi was recently in town for Think Hangar, a Vizag-based cross-networking forum. He shares about his multiple facets in a conversation we have with him.

In the city
“I’ve been to Vizag quite a few times for different films. I find Vizag to be a wonderful place with hard working, warm and loving people. I especially like the quaint feel this place has, the love, affection and the sensitivity of its citizens.”

Being good at being “bad”
“I began my career as an actor with Bollywood and then went on to do Tollywood films as well. Each culture has specific mannerisms and I observe and learn. It helps me to do my role better and make each character unique and believable. Seeing me play the bad guy, there are people who come across and say ‘Hey Ashish, you aren’t so bad in real life’ and that’s good. I enjoy being the villain in films, because you can bring in realism into the role.”

Celebrating the ordinary
“Sixteen years ago, in order to celebrate what we consider ‘ordinary’, we started by giving away the Vidyarthisamman, which I instituted in my father’s name. The recognition was given to commoners like rickshaw pullers and small vendors, who do so much, but their work goes unrecognised. Even today, I believe that many of us are waiting for special moments to happen, sometime in the distant future. But each moment is an extraordinary moment and one can find happiness in the present when they know where to look.”

Inspired by Reality
“For my acting career and films, inspiration comes in different ways. I read, observe people, take cues from real life, use cultural references and collaborate with the director for detailing to come out as a better actor. Good performers find a unique aspect and I try to do that too as that’s what people really relate to. I take ideas from around me, mix reality with imagination and the process though isn’t easy, isn’t actually very tough either!”

Many hats
“Different facets make a person, and for me acting is just one of my aspects. I now conduct workshops for corporates to optimise performance. A few months ago, I also started the ‘Rich Universe’ concept where I encourage people to not focus on that one celebrity moment in the future that will give them happiness but on the now. It is important for us to understand the importance of ‘now’.”

Upcoming projects
“My latest work is Begum Jaan, which I’ve done with Vidya Balan. I’m going to do some films in Tamil and Telugu as well. Apart from films, I’ll be doing many more workshops that will use acting and other experiences to drive optimised performance for corporate and promoting the Rich Universe concept.”

Different facets make a person, and for me acting is just one of my aspects.

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