5 things that never stop amazing us in Araku Valley, Visakhapatnam

araku valley visakhapatnam

Nestled amidst the Eastern Ghats, Araku Valley is a popular tourist spot in Visakhapatnam district. Thronged by tourists for its pleasant climate and natural beauty, the hill station is home to several tribal communities. Here are 5 things in Araku Valley that never stop amazing us.

#1 Araku Coffee

Who doesn’t love a cup of hot refreshing coffee on a lovely rainy day? All-pervasive in the Araku valley, the invigorating aroma of the renowned coffee here has gained fandom from all over the globe. From exploring the expansive plantations to indulging in a refreshing cup or two of the coffee, the tourists to Araku forge a special bond with this beverage.

#2 Borra Caves

A visit to Araku Valley, in Visakhapatnam, is never complete without visiting the Borra Caves. One of the longest and the deepest caves in India the Borra Caves have a lot in store to mesmerise the visitors. These naturally formed caves were recently equipped with a few more facilities to add to the delight of tourists.

#3 The local delight

The flavours of bongulo (bamboo) chicken have truly transcended boundaries to earn fans from different parts of the country. An immensely popular tribal dish that is known for its unique style of preparation, the bongulo chicken offered in the region can leave any foodie drooling for more.

#4 The local culture

From the famous Dhimsa dance to the crafty local jewellery, the rich culture in Araku valley is a gleaming reflection of the proud tribal culture. While visiting the small traditional goldsmiths in the region can get you the best designs, small shops run by the locals or the government can be checked out for the traditional handicrafts The Araku Tribal Museum is a prized possession of the place and showcases the quintessence of the tribal communities indigenous to the Eastern Ghats.

#5 A memorable trip

Scenic portions of the Eastern Ghats, filled with lush green hills and dense forests, form sights that are worth beholding on a trip to Araku Valley in Visakhapatnam. Be it a weekend getaway with your loved ones or a solo trip into the wild, Araku continues to stand as a preferred destination in Visakhapatnam for et al.

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