Araku Coffee – Our Very Own Exotic Brand

Araku Coffee - Our Very Own Exotic Brand - Andhra Pradesh - India - Paris

Who doesn’t love a cup of hot refreshing coffee on a nice rainy day? This magical brew was first discovered by a goat herder, Kaldi, after finding his goat extremely active post eating some strange berries from a shrub; later known to be as coffee beans. These caffeine rich seeds have since gained attention from every part of the world.

On a more local platform, Araku has always been famous for its versatile coffee produce. The climatic conditions at this hilly town have perfectly supported the growth of some excellent coffee. Girijan Cooperative Corporation (GCC) is in particular a popular producer and packer of Araku Coffee.

The brand got so popular and exotic, even AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu once gifted them to Korean and Russian delegates during their visit. 100 packets, each pack containing 200 grams worth of it, costing Rs 1100, were sent to Chief Minister’s office from Araku. Needless to say the personnel at CM’s office had asked for more.

The product garnered so much praise, the CM himself announced to be its brand ambassador. Compelling to his gifting of Araku Coffee, it is further cemented on his undeniable interest towards the brand.

While GCC have been selling their product within Vizag limits so far, things came into limelight post its introduction at the National Women Parliament and market expansion to Vijayawada. But things reached an all new high when Araku Coffee had begun sale in Paris through private stakeholders. With this rise in demand, there were even unavailability issues due to lack of mobility for the small/mid-sized firm. To solve this however, A Ravi Prakash (GCC managing director) shared his future plans to expand the franchise for easy accessibility.

Also the public has been asking for half kilo and one kilo packets whereas GCC only made 200 gm units. GCC therefore reinforced their package size limitation policy considering the freshness of coffee might not be intact since they don’t shell out air tight packets currently.

Nevertheless to say, with this rising demand, this exotic brand is sure to go a long way.

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