Winter Vacation: 5 places in Vizag to spend your holiday this season

winter vacation, vizag

Vizag has started to feel the chills with the Winter season slowly setting in. There are those who prefer to keep warm indoors and not venture out anywhere, unless completely necessary. And, there are others who don’t want to miss a moment of the minimum temperatures. Apart from craving for chai and bajjis, the inner explorer comes out during this time of the year. If you’re looking for weekend getaways or a quick trip without burning a hole in your pocket for a winter vacation, check out these places in Vizag.

#1 Araku Valley

Araku is a constant favourite, and never gets boring. For an ideal winter vacation, take a break and head to Araku, comprising of the valleys and hills, to reconnect with nature amid lush greenery and stunning views of the hills. You can also stock up on fresh coffee from the coffee plantations.  Freshly grown spices can also be stocked up at the local markets. Of course, not to miss out on the Bamboo Chicken, locally knowns as “Bongulo Chicken”

#2 Lambasingi

The adorable hamlet of Lambasingi is the best place to visit if you just want to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of city life. Dress warmly and snuggle next to a campfire as the temperatures here drop to 0 degrees! One can also opt to stay with their group at rented camping tents situated in pastures along the hilly roads. Set in a background of hills, and covered in a beautiful green carpet, Lambasingi gets a thumbs up from us for a quick and easy option for winter vacation.

#3 Bheemili Beach

Beaches over mountains? Wish granted! Take a road trip to the scenic Bheemili Beach and let the winds de-stress you even before you get there! The drive is extremely scenic and will flip your mood in a jiffy.

#4 Ananthagiri

Love sharing ghost stories at a campfire? If you love camping and want to spend a cosy winter vacation, Ananthagiri is the place for you! Book a stay in a hill resort or go exploring the smaller stays for a distraction-free time under the stars.

#5 Dolphin’s Nose

This one’s for the photo ops. For the aspiring photographers among you, head to this spot to click pictures of a rock shaped like a Dolphin’s Nose. What’s more, you get to see a beautiful light house overlooking the Yarada beach. Perfect for some beach side reminiscing overlooking the sunset!

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