Weather turns for a chill in the evening air, is it us or true?

Can we welcome the new season cause monsoons are enough already….


It is absolutely true that Vizag does not have a super duper cold winter. When was the last time we required more than a light jacket anyways. The monsoons have done enough for us already, gain and pain both. There is a time for a change in weather and we are there already. Change is good. Change is brilliant and we need it now. For some of us in Vizag, long drives in the evenings are a habitual modus operandi. Few have detected a chill in the breeze. Delicate but very much felt. Have any of you felt it too? Are we going to usher in a better winter this year? Well sure hope we do. Just imagine the cool weather in Araku or our beach. Until then let us wishfully look at these pictures.

A tropical climate no doubt, Vizag has seen enough heat and downpour this year. Evenings a little cooler and mist on the hillocks make us a little more romantic and fanciful. The time may be coming sooner rather than later. Long drives, cute scarves, hot chocolate and more are a autumn to winter plan. Vizag looks beautiful in any season but there is something about a temperature drop that sets hearts soaring. It may be time to get cozy and cuddly very soon if we go by the weather these days. It is just September but can we have December weather already? Step outside this evening and take a bike or car ride and feel for yourself.

Open the windows and feel how fresh and nippy the air is. But then it is just weather and we live on the East Coast. The winds, weather and temperatures can be capricious and whimsical. A little hint makes us wish for more. Stepping out and about to see for ourselves seems like a good plan for today.


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