Air India slashes ticket prices by 50% for students, defense personnel and senior citizens.

air india
air india

Air India is making an aggressive bid for attracting more passengers to fly on board. The ailing airlines is still popular with many such as Central Govt, senior citizens etc. It has declared a hefty discount on certain tickets to bid for more passengers. The flight tickets for students, defense personnel and senior citizens is being slashed by 50%. There are a lot of terms and conditions but the move is welcomed. Social Media and bookings show an upward curve for Air India business.

Highlights and conditions:

  • The announcement made on Twitter is subjected to the availability of flight tickets. The special offer can be availed only if tickets are available and one has to check and confirm this before hand.
  • The promotional scheme is effective since September and no last date has been specified yet.
  • Discount is on basic fare.
  • The discount is on domestic airlines of Air India and for economy seats only.
  • Tickets have to be purchased 7 days prior to date of journey.
  • Valid proof of identity and qualification for discount has to produced.
  • Student discount – Enrollment for a full-time course for a minimum time span of a year at a recognized Central or state educational board is necessary for student discount. Age group is 12 to 26.
  • Defense discount is extended to members of family of serving personnel.
  • Check-in baggage weight ceiling is 25 kilograms beyond which payment is required.






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