7 Things people of Vizag do on a Sunday.

Some things that we love to do and some that we don’t but do anyways.


Vizag is a thriving and vibrant city with dynamic people. All through the week we work, study, live and let live. On Sunday, Vizag has an all new avatar. We are at the same time fond of lazy relaxation as well as beach side adventures. A good food mantra with experimenting tastes. These are a few things Vizag is busy doing on Sunday. Check out –

  1. Go to Church/Temple – The people here like elsewhere go for Sunday mass to Church and Puja to the temples. But in this commune of the people from Vizag, it is not just the Christians  and Hindus who go to their respective places of worship. With beautiful architecture, serene city life, inspiring Mass and Aartis and an old world charm, they are a big draw for our Sunday specials. We do not differentiate. We love them all.
  2. Hangout at the Beach – Who in Vizag does not do that on a Sunday? It is a ritual. It is love. It is a habitual pleasure that we seek Sunday to Sunday and we do not get tired. There is a lot of rant about crowding and pollution and congestion but we love it anyway. Vizag is on the beach on Sunday.
  3. Hit the Shopping Mall – Unlike earlier, now Vizag has a host of A-rated shopping malls. CMR Central, Varun Beach Mall etc are now the weekend P.O.A for many. We go there to hangout, window shop, actually shop and more. The eating options of all varieties are also a part of the plan.
  4. Tiffins, Meals and more – Let us not cook. Let us go in a large merry gang of family, friends and more to our fave food stops. Tiffins across towns, meals with yummy fare and more are our weekend agenda. Take a ride across town and look at the jostling people having fun. We enjoy eating out on Sunday.
  5. Rythu bazaars, supermarkets and fish markets – More a family people’s thing to do but yes, very much true for Vizag. People do the weekly shopping at leisure on Sunday. From MVP to Gajuwaka and from vegetables to fish, the shopping gets done today. Fresh produce and green vegetables, catch of the day are all a Vizagites favorite.

  6. Brunch and buffet – We love to try out different cuisines and at different places. The hotels and restaurants have specials for the weekends across Vizag. Sometime local, sometimes oriental, mexican and more. We give it a try and our Sunday menu is all about trying out good food.
  7. Getaways, picnics, long drives etc etc – Vizag is not only about relaxing on Sunday but also outings. Vuda park with kids, Rushikonda with friends, Bheemli for long drives, Rama Naidu with hangout buddies etc are a list of endlessly pleasurable pursuits. So much to do and so little time. Sunday in the city passes by in a breeze. So lets go and have some fun.

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