Water bell initiative taken up across GVMC schools in Visakhapatnam

GVMC school children drinking water as part of water bell initiative in Visakhapatnam
Image Source: Twitter/GVMCOfficial

The water bell initiative, which was first introduced in the schools in Kerala, is fast being embraced by schools in other states too. Aimed at increasing the water intake by students, the water breaks, which are given at regular intervals, remind school children to drink adequate water to consequently eliminate the risk of illnesses and health issues caused due to insufficient water consumption. After being implemented successfully in Karnataka schools too, the water bells initiative has now been taken up in Visakhapatnam too.

The Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) launched the water bell initiative in the schools managed by them in the city. The Municipal body also plans to formalise the move by introducing steel or copper bottles soon. Taking to Twitter to announce the commencement of the initiative in Visakhapatnam, GVMC Commissioner Gummalla Srijana wrote, “We at GVMC made a humble beginning on the water bell initiative across all our schools. We plan to formalize them by introducing steel/copper bottles very soon.”

As part of the initiative, the schools will be ringing water bells three to four times a day when the students need to consume water. The concept has been fetching acclaim for helping the young ones prevent health problems stemming from dehydration such as headaches, urinary infections, and kidney-related issues among others.

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