Visakhapatnam man arrested for entering Pakistan illegally

Prashant Vaindam from Visakhapatnam who was arrested in Pakistan
Screengrab from video

A Visakhapatnam techie was arrested on November 14 in Pakistan, for entering the country without the required documents. Identified as Prashant Vaindam, the Vizag-native had reportedly been living in Hyderabad for the last six years.

The youth was accompanied by another man, identified as Darilal from Madhya Pradesh.  At the time of the arrest, the two were seen wandering in Cholistan desert, Bahawalpur district. The police arrested them in Pakistan after they were unable to produce passports or any proofs of identification. They were found hiding behind a sand dune.

In a video that’s surfaced online, Prashant is seen addressing his parents in his native tongue, Telugu. “Everything is okay here. They have brought us from the police station to the court and will soon send us to prison. The Indian embassy will disclose further details once we go to jail. It is a possible jail period of one month but I can get bail, I can soon interact with you all,” he said in the video.

According to reports, Prashant was missing since April 29, 2017. His family had lodged a complaint with the police. As per the statements of the youth’s father, Prashant had fallen in love with a colleague while he was working in Bengaluru. When the woman had decided to leave for Switzerland, Prashant allegedly succumbed to depression. There is no information as to how the Visakhapatnam lad met Dharilal from MP, and why they had crossed over to Pakistan via Rajasthan with no required documents, said his father.

In the video that has gone viral, Prashant is seen saying, “Now that I am being sent to jail, the bail process will start. India and Pakistan exchange prisoners and it takes time”.

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