VUDA Health Arena Lacking Proper Maintenance

VUDA Health Arena Vizag

Visakhapatnam is always considered a beauty for its rich blue beaches and naturally cocooned mountain range. Boasting of many to talk about, there is one place in particular for its unique one dimensioned purpose. VUDA health arena is the first park in the city to have a dedicated walking and cycling track with lush green bushes, tall trees and deep colored flowers.

To further heighten its glory, there is a humongous Buddha statue right at the center of park near its middle entrance gate through MVP colony.  The atmosphere here is much calmer with trees further enhancing the overall experience.

Inaugurated during January 2016, VUDA spent around 8 crores on this project, giving special attention to the Buddha Vanam where the mentioned Buddha statue was raised. Built on the low lands of Kailasagiri Hill, this arena has gained wide attention for its excellent topography and splendid gardens attracting tourists from all around the world.

Though a man-made fabrication, this place offers cool breeze from the seas while giving easy access to all the surrounding areas, unlike other parks that only have one entrance. Adarshnagar, Visalakshinagar and Venkojipalem areas are very close to this park. Also as mentioned earlier, there is a grand entrance in its center too, in the very beautiful MVP colony.

Open in the mornings and evenings between 4.30 am/pm and 8.30am/pm, this place generates a foot count of 3000 to 4000 during non weekends and double during weekends. Having separate cycling track in its premises has enticed many children to come here for riding their bikes. The track is of 3.7 km both ways making it very unique overall. VUDA tried to charge an entrance fee during its initial stage which however was taken aback due to public disconcert.

For strength and endurance training, there is a sophisticated gymnasium too. Also the Buddha statue located at the Buddha Vanam has welcomed many senior citizens and women for performing Suryanamaskar, Yoga and meditation.

Like protons attract negative charge, this beautiful piece of man-made thing has also had issues ever since its inauguration.

There were heavy digging operations under the 132kV cable lining project by A.P. Transco for arranging underground cables between Dairy Farm and Peda Waltair power stations. This however was to provide uninterrupted power supply during natural calamities following the Hud-Hud cyclone that led to loss of electricity.  One joint box is being assigned for every 500 meters and hence the digging process.

This was though a good measure, it brought agitations within the public for its very slow working progress. In contrast, Krishna Mohan (project in-charge) reportedly stated that the delay of cables is due to them being imported from Switzerland. The work will be finished in a few months, he added.

Through all these, there are few more problems.

  • Walkers in this arena have complained over the poor sanitary conditions in the washrooms.
  • There have been multiple reports on snakes crossing their paths and lack of proper trimming of bushes and tree branches is supposedly the reason.
  • Also the evening walkers have been panicking because of stray dogs entering into this arena.

All in all, the place is a boon for the city and if VUDA resolves the issues soon, it will definitely trigger for an increased count of tourists.

Feature Image Credit: mapio

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