Help preserve your skin in monsoon with these tips from VLCC – Yo! Vizag


The rains are here and Sushmita from VLCC shares tips on how you can continue looking your radiant best through the monsoons.

The C-T-M-P Routine

The cleansing, toning, moisturising and protection routine continues to be important in this season as well. In fact it is more important now as the humidity will be on the rise leading to dust sticking to the skin. So stick to the routine both in the mornings and at night.

How it helps

Cleansing your skin will remove dust and will lead to opening the pores on your skin. Use a VLCC toner to reduce the pore size. Moisture content is important for any skin type, and the moisture in the air isn’t sufficient. So topically apply a moisturiser followed by a sun protection product. Use this even if it’s cloudy outside, because you’re protecting your skin from the UV rays, which can penetrate the cloud cover.

Repair creams

Depending upon your age and requirements you can consider using a VLCC repair cream or serum before going to bed. But do that only after you’ve followed your cleansing toning moisturising routine.

Lovely locks

An extension of the proteins we eat is your hair, so look after it well. Cleansing is important as a dirty scalp can lead to fungal infection, dandruff and hair fall. In fact monsoons mean higher moisture levels in the air, making hair oilier than ever. So wash your tresses more frequently, which means everyday or on alternate days. Use a mild or sulphate free shampoo followed by a good conditioner applied along the length of the hair to lock in moisture.

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