PM Modi at book launch honouring President Pranab Mukherjee.


Rashtrapi Bhawan has news for us today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with other dignitaries releases a book honouring outgoing Indian President Shri Pranab Mukherjee. Dedicated to our President who is a veteran in Indian Politics, the book is aptly titled “President Pranab Mukherjee – A Statesman”. With great emotions, the Prime Minister recalls the numerous instances Shri Mukherjee has shown compassion and care for him which goes beyond political boundaries.  ‘Like a father’ is how he has shown sensitivity, Modiji said on Sunday at the press release.

“Presidency is much more than protocol. Through the photographs in the book, we see the human side of our President and we should be proud.” Adding to this the Prime Minister laid emphasis on the need of India to be more history conscious and by that be able to preserve it better.

President Pranab Mukherjee expressed his deep gratitude and gratefulness towards Modi at this event. He reflected that there was never an instance in his tenure when the relationship between the Head of the State and his Prime Minister ever disturbed. As Modi Ji correctly said, the media shows aspects of a leader to public but there is so much more to the leader than is ever published.

July 24th is the day President Pranab Mukherjee steps down from office and the election for his successor is becoming a closely watched one. On July 17th the associates of the electoral college shall select between Ram Nath Kovind and Meira Kumar. While Ram Nath Kovind is the BJPs presidential candidate, Meira Kumar is supported by Congress-led opposition parties.


Highlights of speech given by Prime Minister Modi at the event –

  • India has not grown as it should have and boldness is necessary to drive change.
  • A split administrative arrangement does not work for delivering collective skills of civil service officers and must be changed vibrantly for optimum output.
  • ‘New India’ concept should be the driver for the modern administrative system and a dogmatic mind-set to be discarded for public service.
  • A learning based approach towards picking up community service from the grassroots by the newly appointed public servants.

The auspicious event was concluded with much sensitivity and sentiments and it goes on to show that Statesman-ship by true leaders can forge a conscious path beyond rat-race politics in India. The upcoming elections are going to be watched with bated breath and speculation for there is more in the gamble than India’s Head of The State.




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