Vizag weather – What are we looking at ahead?

credits: The Hindu

The year 2017 looks like a never ending spell of rains for Vizag. Here is what you should know to be better prepared for Vizag weather in the coming days.

Likely to hit Andhra Pradesh in the next few days, North East monsoons are expected to bring another bout of rainy days for us. This could mean Vizag weather being an intermittent clash of wet and dry spells. The effect of the rains from North East monsoon is likely to be felt in Rayalseema and coastal Andhra. Also refereed to as returning or winter monsoons, it is delayed this time but is expected to arrive after October 28th. Isolated rainfall in the said parts is likely.

Rayalseema is expected to get heavy rainfall from the returning monsoon and Vizag weather and in other parts, rainy spells interspersed with showers is expected. Vizag weather will see a rainy week coming up but the heaviest is expected to be in Chennai and Rayalseema in Andhra Pradesh.

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