Tugboat fire accident at Vizag harbour kills a crew member

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The ghastly fire accident on a JAGUAR tugboat at Vizag outer harbour, on Monday morning, has led to deadly consequences. As reported earlier, the boat was carrying 29 personnel for civil works. Tragedy struck when flames, speculated to have resulted from a cylinder pipe catching fire, engulfed the offshore support vehicle (OSV) within a span of few minutes. The major fire breakout, apart from destroying the tugboat, caused severe burn injuries to the personnel who were on board at the time of the accident.

While 15 of the injured individuals are currently being treated at a hospital in the city, one crew member succumbed to the burn injuries sustained in the accident. The deceased has been identified as Ashish Kumar (30) from Rajasthan. Also, one of the crew members, Vicky (40), has gone missing and a search op is currently on to trace him.

As reported by Eenadu, the injured have been identified as Y Sattibabu (39, East Godavari), Ramnivas Yadav (64, Haryana), Kamalakanth (24, Bihar), Kannayya (44, Gujarat), Mukesh Kumar (35, Haryana), Shyam K Arjun (25, Kerala), Manjit Kumar (27, Uttar Pradesh), Rakesh Kumar (27, Jharkhand), Rohit Chauhan (31,Uttar Pradesh), Chintapalli Tandelu (Srikakulam), Jasveer Singh (Uttar Pradesh), Vanamadi Annavaram (East Godavari), Juvin Joshi (Kerala), Ansar Ullakh (Kolkata), Rohit Chauhan (Uttar Pradesh).

A three-member committee to look into the accident

Following the orders of Visakhapatnam District Collector V Vinay Chand, a three-member committee will look into the fire accident at Vizag outer harbour. From investigating the cause of the accident to reviewing the condition of the tugboat at the time of the fire breakout, the members will conduct a probe before submitting a report to the Collector.

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