Fire breaks out at Visakhapatnam harbour, 15 personnel severely injured

visakhapatnam harbour, fire accident
Image Credits: 10TV News

A major fire broke out on a tugboat at the outer harbour in Visakhapatnam. The fire accident occurred on Monday afternoon when the tug was transporting personnel for civil works. With the fire causing panic among those onboard, the screaming individuals jumped into the sea in a bid to save themselves from the flames.

The incident raised an alarm with the coast guard, who swung swiftly into action to rescue those trapped on the tug, while the fire engine boats tried to extinguish the flames and contain the fire at the Visakhapatnam outer harbour.

It has been reported that out of the 29 personnel on board, 28 have been rescued while the search is on for the missing person. With the help of the Navy, the rescued personnel have been admitted to a hospital for treatment. The fire accident reportedly caused severe burns to 15 people, with the condition of 5 crew members known to be critical.

Identified as a JAGUAR, the tugboat has been destroyed to a major extent in the fire accident. The vessel is usually used for maneuvering other vessels at the harbour either by direct contact or with the help of a tow line. As per early speculations, an oil leak is being cited as the cause for the fire breakout. However, an official confirmation on the same is awaited.

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