Double Decker Delight on NH5 between Vizag and Bhubaneswar

double decker
Image for representation only.

Fantasy and pure, simple joy of travelling come together with Center planning to ply Double Decker buses on NH5. Union Road Transport & Highways minister Nitin Gadkari reached out to state transport ministers calling for reforms in public transport. In an announcement at meeting of the Transport Development Council (TDC) in Vadodara yesterday this forward looking and exciting proposal has been tabled.

Not just basic but air conditioned, Double Decker buses will ply on certain busy routes across the country. Among other routes, one is the route connecting Vizag to the capital city of Odisha i.e Bhubaneswar. By no means can it be called anything less than a busy route. Commercial, tourist and private vehicle traffic is heavy on the NH5 between these two places. Double Decker buses are looking at easing vehicle congestion and leaving transport options to people.

The Center is considering provision of financial assistance to the state road transport authorities for going forward on this proposal. Prime routes are being considered for this. Apart from Double Decker buses, Center is also looking at removal of checkposts for seamless movement of goods and passenger vehicles and adoption of digital payment solutions.

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