Visakhapatnam requests Airports Authority of India, AAI for better amenities here

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After the revelation of bad rankings, Visakhapatnam Airport has requested the Airports Authority of India, AAI to secure better amenities here.

The request forwarded to the AAI comes from the Vizagapatam Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It has appealed to the Airports Authority of India to provide for better amenities and facilities at the Visakhapatnam Airport. The reason behind this was the recent ranking of Visakhapatnam at the bottom of the list among 17 airports in India. This has come even after the increase in traffic at the Airport and the all around development happening in Visakhapatnam. As per The Hindu, VCCI president A.V. Monish Row has sent an email to the same effect to the AAI Chairman, India.

Visakhapatnam is at the cusp of growing into a global city and the volume of air travel that the Airport will witness will definitely increase. In such a scenario, the current scenario in terms of provisions and rankings is in a sorry state. The various improvements that have been highlighted are parking, passenger queuing time, amenities like restrooms, shopping and eating options, faster luggage retrieval and other improvements to give better experience to the people.

The current rankings will not help in seeking international flights as well as for the existing business from and to Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Colombo. Not just commerce, industry and IT, the tourism industry too relies heavily on a good airport. Airports Authority of India, AAI must do the much delayed task of turning it’s attention to Visakhapatnam, the city that is already a tourism and industry hotspot and on it’s way to becoming a Fintech Hub. A lot of key factors need looking at and the time has already come.

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