Visakhapatnam – Railways beef up security on trains with GPS tracker

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At Visakhapatnam, Indian Railways takes a step forward with GPS tracking devices for patrolling teams to step up security on trains.

Now patrolling teams, about 450 of them will receive GPS enabled tracking devices from Waltair division of East Coast Railway (ECoR). In a strategic move Indian Railways will be in a better position to monitor and address security needs on board trains. On such routes as Kottavalasa-Kirandul line, these devices with GPS enabling will come especially handy. The dense cover and wilderness will now be a worry no more. Used by other divisions, these will now be used by Waltair division, Visakhapatynam. There is a stressed need for security on board trains and the number of patrolling teams and efficiency of keeping an eye is much needed. This would be a step forward in that regard.

All track men shall be equipped with small GPS-enabled machines that cost around Rs 5,000 each. This also helps authorities of railways monitor and better supervise the work force. The security task force carries equipment for maintenance works and Indian Railways at Waltair Division is planning to decrease their luggage loads. This is in view of health risks too. A lot has been done of late for railways improvement work such as completion of pending tasks and work on the automatic signalling system on specified lines in the Waltair division.

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